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Adeux Energy recognizes the future potential of solar energy and the role it plays in creating sustainable and reliable energy solutions. As the renewable energy sector continues to evolve, solar energy is poised to become a prominent source of power generation. Adeux Energy is committed to staying at the forefront of this industry transformation.

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What is a supercapacitor?

A Supercapacitor stores and releases energy like a battery, but has better performance and many more cycles. While batteries store energy chemically, supercaps store energy electrostatically, like the static on clothes when they are taken out of the dryer.

How do supercapacitors affect the usability of renewable energy?

Supercapacitors address the major flaw inherent in chemical battery storage solutions. Specifically safety and longevity.  The products we represent are capable of daily charge/discharge cycles of 100%. Day in and day out, year after year. Our solutions will provide many years of reliable service with little or no maintenance required. Attempting to meet this requirement using Lithium ion or any other chemical energy storage is impractical and exceeds the capabilities of battery-based energy storage. Fundamentally, chemical-based energy storage is not a practical, sustainable, or cost-effective energy storage solution.

Why are supercapacitors perfect for telecom backup power?

In enclosures, Supercapacitors require no HVAC or integral liquid cooling due to a very wide operating temperature range. (-20C to 60C). Supercapacitor’s charge rate is 8-15 times faster than lead acid batteries, allowing them to reduce generator runtime by as much as 50%, creating substantial savings in generator fuel and maintenance costs.


Picture this: you’re in the middle of an important task, perhaps working on a deadline or enjoying your favorite TV show, when suddenly… darkness engulfs your surroundings. Yes, it’s load shedding again – that dreaded phenomenon where electricity becomes a scarce commodity.

Load shedding has become an all-too-familiar term for many households and businesses around the world. It refers to the deliberate shutdown of power supply in certain areas to prevent overloading of the electrical grid. While load shedding is often necessary to maintain system stability, its unpredictable nature can wreak havoc on our daily lives.

From disrupted work schedules and missed deadlines to spoiled food and uncomfortable nights without air conditioning or heating, load shedding can cause significant inconvenience. But fear not! With renewable energy solutions such as inverters, PV modules, and storage systems at our disposal, we can bid farewell to these power woes once and for all.

Super Capacitors Module

Graphene super capacitor pack

  • Wind-solar energy system
  • Solar street lights
  • Household energy storage
  • Telecom backup system
  • Mobile base stations
  • Emergency backup energy sources

A supercapacitor module, often referred to as a supercapacitor bank or array, is a specialized energy storage device designed to store and release electrical energy rapidly. Unlike traditional batteries, supercapacitors store energy electrostatically, making them capable of delivering quick bursts of power and high charge/discharge rates. Super capacitor modules consist of multiple individual supercapacitor cells connected in series or parallel to achieve the desired voltage and capacitance levels. These modules find applications in various industries.

Lithium Module

A Lithium module, commonly referred to as a Lithium-ion battery module, plays a pivotal role in the realm of solar energy storage. These modules are essential components of solar energy systems, serving as efficient and reliable energy storage solutions. Lithium modules are renowned for their high energy density, extended lifespan, and rapid charge-discharge capabilities, making them ideal for harnessing and storing solar power. With their ability to store excess energy generated during the day, Lithium modules ensure a consistent power supply, even when the sun isn’t shining. As renewable energy adoption continues to grow, Lithium modules are at the forefront of enabling a sustainable and eco-friendly transition to solar power, offering homeowners and businesses alike a clean and dependable energy source that reduces reliance on traditional fossil fuels.

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With a commitment to embracing the future of solar energy and energy storage solutions, Adeux Energy is well-positioned to provide cutting-edge technologies and comprehensive support to its customers.

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